Explore the World of Biopharmaceuticals

Teva is investing in both original biologic medicines and in biosimilars to help patients around the world.

What are biopharmaceuticals?

Find out more about what biopharmaceuticals are, including information on their complexity and the different types of biopharmaceuticals that exist.

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Advancing more treatment options for patients

Biopharma at Teva

Why Teva is investing in biopharmaceuticals and find out more about our products and pipeline.

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The globetrotting life of a Teva biopharmaceutical

Teva’s global network of experts create and manufacture biopharmaceuticals, from the US to Germany a...

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Looking After the Little Things

Go behind the scenes at Teva’s state-of-the-art plant in Ulm, Germany to discover how biosimilar medicines are manufactured.

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The Magic of Biosimilars

Go Behind the Scenes at our laboratory in Netanya, Israel and explore the different processes involved in creating biosimilar medicines.

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