Generic medicines

Affordable and accessible treatment options for patients and healthcare providers.

As the world's leading provider of generic drugs, Teva Pharmaceuticals understands the importance of making safe, quality medications accessible and affordable. We believe that every one of us should have access to quality medicine that helps manage disease, fights infection, or simply improves overall health.

Around 200 million people worldwide take one of our medicines every day. 01 In the United States, where Teva is the leading generic pharmaceutical company, one out of every ten prescriptions is filled by a Teva product. 02 In the UK it is one out of every six 03 and in Canada it is one out of every six. 04 In addition, many prescription drugs made by other companies include active pharmaceutical ingredients produced by Teva.

With generic products, patients usually pay less while receiving the same medicine that is in the brand name product prescribed by their doctors. Generic medicines cost, on average, 80–85% less than brand-name drugs. 05

Teva’s generic products support healthcare systems. Patients and healthcare providers saved hundreds of billions of dollars in the last decade by choosing Teva’s prescription generic medicine over more expensive brands. 05

Our global footprint is critical to ensuring that our patients have access to our medicines. Teva has the largest supply chain of any pharmaceutical company and our network of 43,000 employees and 70 global manufacturing sites work around the clock to make sure our medicines reach patients in over 60 countries across six continents. 06 Every hour there is a plane in the air, a ship on the seas or a truck on the road delivering Teva’s generic medicines to pharmacies and hospitals around the world.

We are committed to creating quality, affordable medicines for more people in more places around the world. Our scientists are currently developing over 800 generic medicines 07 that aim to increase access to treatments that can improve patients’ health and save healthcare providers billions. Teva continues to strive for a healthier world.

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