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Photo taken in Teva Germany

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Think you need a background in the pharmaceutical industry to work with us?

Think again.

Meet Darren Cachia, who had been working with Teva Malta for 12 years in the packaging department. 
Outside of Teva, Darren is also one of the members of Żebbug Rangers FC Youth Nursery, providing training sessions to children with Autism. The group was awarded by Hon Minister Julia Farrugia Portelli the 'Premju Soċjeta Ġusta 2021 Award in Sports, Arts and Culture' in recognition of their commitment and dedication to working towards an inclusive culture with people with disabilities.

''Always take an opportunity to progress and take a step further in your career.''

Meet Elvin Cassar, sharing his experience and thoughts about working in manufacturing.

"Thanks to Teva, I had the opportunity to apply for a science course at MCAST. I am now happy to work hands-on on Chemistry. When you start working here, misconceptions just vanish, because most people realize that they're working in a very nice environment."

Meet Jeffrey Scicluna, from the Quality Control team at Teva Malta!

Meet Helga Cassar Parnis

Teva Malta has been accredited as a work placement company by the Netherland's Vocational Education Labour Market!

Through our HR specialist, Helga Cassar Parnis, we have been collaborating with foreign colleges and universities to welcome students who join us as interns while completing their studies.

We're proud to improve students' holistic education through hands-on experience! Thank you Helga for your help!

Meet Maria Portelli

who has been working as a Machine Setter in the Packaging Department for the last 10 years.

Starting off as an operator, Maria was already motivated and showing potential on the job. She was promoted to a machine setter, leading the job and making sure that the machine is set correctly and working efficiently.

Six years on the job gave Maria the opportunity to become a Trainer, giving adequate training to new recruits on the job.

Outside Teva, Maria is a mother, who loves to travel and experience new cultures while enjoying herself with her loved ones.

“I’m proud to work in a pharmaceutical company where we help patients in need. Teva has given me a great opportunity to move forward in my career, while always keeping everyone motivated.”

We believe that talent is found anywhere, which is why we look for it across a range of sectors. It’s how we access a variety of insights, ideas, and experiences that help us continue to grow and succeed as an organization. It’s about broadening our collective intelligence and seeking innovation in all we do.

Meet Robert Cassar

Manager Housekeeping at Teva Malta.

Robert’s career journey at Teva started 30 years ago as a Compression Operator, whilst also learning different duties and responsibilities. After 10 years, an opportunity had emerged and moved to a Supervisor Housekeeping and later promoted to a Manger.

Robert’s day is packed with various tasks and responsibilities; starting with an area team meetings to coordinate the day, handling of job priorities, delegating necessary work whilst also focusing on other duties related to Production, amongst others.

“Having a housekeeping team is important in this industry. It prevents any kind of contamination that can affect the quality of our medicinal products. By following our cleaning procedures, we can ensure that our product is delivered at highest quality standards to protect and help the patient’s health and wellbeing.”

Robert has grown and achieved multiple opportunities in the last 30 years and he’s grateful for the respectful relationships within everyone in team.

“EHS&S is awareness to create a safer environment at the workplace. Employee safety is of the utmost importance, thus any hazard needs to be addressed and tackled accordingly.”

Meet Colin and David

colleagues who are responsible for the tooling in the Packaging Department while making sure that everything is well maintained in optimum condition for production purposes.

Thanks to this team, Teva Bulebel site has been selected for an Honorable Mention in the Safety Category of 2022 EHS&S, based on the Punch Tool Finger Protection Guards.

What does this mean? For the past 2 months, the team was working on designing and manufacturing a guard that creates a safer punching tool. It covers a gap in the tool that could be hazardous if the tool gets stuck while handled by personnel. By adding a red painted strip behind the guard, this modification will also include a visual aid to show that it is in a stuck position, therefore technical assistance will be required.

Determination and dedication!

Meet Christopher Buhagiar

This is what defines Christopher Buhagiar, an age group triathlon athlete who just competed in the Olympic distance event with the rest of the Maltese national team in Abu Dhabi, YAS islands.

Christopher is one of our colleagues at Teva Malta, working as a Tabletting Operator, and his life revolves around work and training.

Together with his coach, he focuses on making all the necessary sacrifices to meet that finish line!

Well done Christopher for placing 26th (in same age group) and good luck in the upcoming races! You make us proud

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So, if you’re looking career with purpose and opportunity, where your ideas will be valued, and you can help improve the lives of patients globally - a job with us could be the right move for you.

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